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“We run a gap year program at our Congregation for young people who are trying not only to discover their career path, but also to discover themselves. Lome provided our students with assessments to learn these things about themselves. During the course of the year, the students took personality and career guidance assessments to help them make decisions about their individual futures. Lome then met with each of their families to discuss the findings based on the assessments. The feedback from the students was very positive! They felt that they were given new perspectives of their future and their options of career choice. We felt that the students and their families walked away from the program better equipped for the years ahead. Lome always went above and beyond our expectations. She is extremely professional yet very personable and always has the client’s best interest at heart. We are privileged to have her and her input as an essential part of our program!” – Roelof Kwant (Senior Pastor)

“I was uncertain about what career path I should choose, but after the career assessment with Lome I realised that I wanted to go into full time ministry and help people from a counselling point of view. I really appreciated Lome’s professionalism and how she worked with me individually and made me feel like I was her only client.” – Cindy

“ Before going to Lome I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do one day. But after spending time with her in a career counselling session it became evident that what I wanted to do was not in concordance with how I wanted my life to be later on. Lome gave me great advice on what I should look at and where she felt my talents and abilities were most evident. It gave me a better understanding on what I should study and where I would be most successful and content once I acquired a degree. Sitting down with Lome and discussing my strengths and weaknesses gave me a better understanding of what I would be good at and not good at. This in turn helped me make an informed choice on what I want to study, setting me up for a successful future.” – Kyle

“The pre-marital seminar offered by Lome helped us in many ways.  Not only did I learn about the subtle differences between the psyche of men and women, but I also learnt a lot about myself. For instance, I learned about different personality types and how my personality can complement my fiancé’s personality. However, more importantly Lome was able to point out potential points of conflict, and the underlying psychological science underpinning this potential point of conflict. I also learnt about the things that were most important to my future spouse and why it is so important to her.  It was about connecting with each other on a deeper level, understanding how the other thinks, and understanding oneself better. Lome does not just deal with the science behind relationships, but also explains the Biblical standard for marriage. We also discussed how to resolve conflict situations in one’s own marriage respectfully and effectively. The basic principles that my wife and I learnt during Lome’s pre-marital seminar has guided my marriage in a positive way. You learn more about your life partner every day; however I have never forgotten the principles established early in our marital relationship.  I would definitely recommend Lome’s pre-marital seminar to anyone interested in establishing a solid foundation to a long lasting and loving marital relation!” – Michael and Martie (Married 15 May 2010)

“ Lome’s calm, patient manner was a great help to us when we attended her Marriage Enhancement Course. Her knowledge, prompt, courteous, friendly, interactive and remarkable effective service and attention to detail are rare indeed. You can be certain that we shall ask for her personally to conduct future courses. A marriage so easily suffers and could be weakened due to lack of communication, but Lome’s exceptional attentiveness and ability to go above and beyond to assist us has revived our perspective of interactive communication. Such professionalism is rare nowadays.” Jaco & Shirell

“I approached Lomé to “find myself” and to understand what I am really good at. I had to make critical decisions about my career and future and I had to consider the impact it would have on me and my family. If it wasn’t for Lomé I would not have had the courage to make the important career decisions that I have made in the last few months. With her professional guidance and advice, I was able to make a career decision with a sense of self confidence and I was able to align this decision with my personal strengths. I was also able to make a choice that will allow me a great opportunity for personal and career growth. I am thankful to Lomé and the following motto comes to mind when thinking of our time together: “success is just around the corner with Lomé at your side”. – Wouter

“Before I left High School, I knew I had to make some serious career decisions about what I wanted to do. But I really didn’t have a clue regarding what career I wanted to pursue. I jumped from BA Law to Human Resource Management to working for an Internet Service Provider company, and still wasn’t sure. After working for two and a half years, regretting the career decisions that I had made and wanting more from my work life, I decided to see Lome for career guidance. She helped me understand my likes and dislikes, my abilities and strengths. She also helped me to understand the reality of what it would require from me if I were to choose certain career goals. We spoke about the sacrifices and commitments that I would need to make and how I would be able to achieve my goals. I would truly recommend Lome for career guidance and assessments, as she really made my career decisions easier and simpler.” – Schalk