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Parenting Guidance


Become a better parent

Do you understand your child? Are you clear about what your child needs from you right now?From the moment they were born, your child’s mind has been forming in a way which will strongly influence their whole life. What they experience in their relationships now, is critical. Most parents long for their children to have as full and rewarding a life as possible.It’s great to see children enjoy themselves. It’s deeply rewarding to see them discover a path to a fulfilling life. But when children behave in ways that we cannot understand, we start to question our own behaviors and parenting styles.Imago Parenting provides a practical way to understand what your child is trying to say to you through their behavior and will teach you how to listen to their underlying message. That will leave your child feeling good about being heard. As you become more tuned-in to your child’s underlying experience, you will be able to respond to your child in a way which they can easily understand and respect. Part of the art of listening to our children is to be aware that much of our own emotional reaction is rooted in our own childhood and life experiences.Imago Parenting will enable you to –

  • Learn how you can have a connected relationship with your child, so attuned that both of you are heard
  • Learn how you can help your child reach his/her full potential
  • Understand how to apply a practical process for managing your child’s “acting out”
  • Comprehend your own reactions, and how they are triggered
  • Change reaction to conscious understanding

To take hold of the above benefits, contact Lome to book an individual coaching session or to attend the Imago Parenting workshop.

Imago Parenting Workshop


The Imago parenting workshop is unique in its emphasis on conscious parenting, and developing a strong empathetic connection between parents and their children. The theory behind the course has been developed and researched over the last 30 years, and has been implemented across the world with great success stories from parents around the globe. It’s success in South Africa has been particularly great. This 2 day course is designed to guide parents and caregivers toward a clearer understanding of the potential impact of their behaviors, how they are influenced by their own childhood experiences and how to stop the legacy of wounding and self-defeating patterns, while developing and strengthening the skills that will facilitate them to be the parents they want to be.Some of the questions that we’ll address in the workshop:

  • How do I understand my child’s behaviour?
  • How can I avoid meltdowns or withdrawal in my kids?
  • What are the stages of child development and how can I provide the nurturing environment that will help my child thrive in each stage?
  • How can I become aware of the impact that my own childhood has on my parenting reactions?
  • How can I use play to enhance the social, emotional and brain development of my child?
  • How can I create an environment that facilitates the emotional and cognitive development of my child in each phased of their childhood?
  • How can I understand the impact that my working and social life has on my kids from a developmental point of view?
  • How to manage the relationship with my child in a digital era?

Who should attend?

  • All parents,
  • Those preparing for parenthood or considering starting a family,
  • Professionals working with children and
  • Anyone in a nurturing role towards a child (i.e. nannies, grandparents etc.)

Costs of workshop: R2500 per couple (includes meals and manual)

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Parenting Coaching Sessions

Parenting coaching sessions

  • Are you struggling to understand and manage the behaviour of your kids?
  • Do you need help to discipline your kids?
  • Would you like to enhance the connection with your kids?
  • Are you expecting a child and wanting to equip yourself with the right information to raise a healthy well-developed child?

If so, a parenting coaching session is exactly what you need to strengthen your relationship with your child.

Sessions cost R650 per session and can be claimed from your medical aid.

To enquire about parenting coaching sessions, please click here.