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Looking for better job opportunities?

Should one always be looking for a better opportunity in the work place?

Yes, but money is not the only consideration that you should think of. Better opportunities could be opportunities that afford you growth or learning opportunities, that enable better work-life balance and flexibility, that help you achieve a sense of meaning and personal well-being or that afford you with mentoring opportunities from an experienced mentor. Also, remember that better opportunities could at times put you in a worse place if it is not aligned to your personal career goals and strategies. So, always make sure that you measure opportunities against your ultimate career destination, so that you don’t wander off into greener pastures that take you further and further away from your ideal career objective.


Is there such a thing as being settled in your job or must you always be looking for the next best thing?

The one thing you can rely on, is that change is constant. Even in the same job or organisation, there will always be opportunities for growth and learning. When considering whether or not to remain in a certain job, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • If I “settle” in my current job, will I remain satisfied and enjoy what I do?
  • Will I benefit by remaining in this job (financially, professionally, personally)?
  • Will I be able to learn and grow?


Another important consideration is that of mentoring. Often employees who have “settled” in a specific job are seen as subject-matter-experts and then have the ability to mentor younger, less experienced employees. In itself being a mentor could be very satisfying and could add a new dimension to any job.

Having said this, you should be looking for better opportunities if you’re not happy in your current working environment. Just ensure that your move is aligned with your career goal…. You don’t want to move from one bad working environment to the next working environment because you didn’t think about your next move from a strategic point of view. Understanding your own strengths and interests could be a good starting point, contact a career counsellor to assist you in putting your career strategy together.


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