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Imago Parenting workshop 4-5 May

Connected Parents Thriving Kids – Imago Parenting Workshop

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Imago provides a practical way to understand what your children are trying to say to you through their behaviour. Our Imago parenting programme adapts the same Imago dialogue process that lies at the heart of our world leading programs for couples and it applies it to the practical situations that occur with our children. By reducing flare-ups and emotional outbursts, relationships can become more deeply connected. Whether you’re just starting out on your parenting journey or whether you’re parenting a young adolescent, Imago parenting will help you become a better parent and raise well balanced, thriving kids.

Some of the questions that we’ll address in the workshop:

  • How do I understand my child’s behaviour?
  • How can I avoid meltdowns or withdrawal in my kids?
  • What are the stages of child development and how can I provide the nurturing environment that will help my child thrive in each stage?
  • How can I become aware of the impact that my own childhood has on my parenting reactions?
  • How can I use play to enhance the social, emotional and brain development of my child?
  • How can I create an environment that facilitates the emotional and cognitive development of my child in each phased of their childhood?
  • How can I understand the impact that my working and social life has on my kids from a developmental point of view?
  • How to manage the relationship with my child in a digital era?

Who will benefit from this workshop?

Parents, grandparents, child educators, child caretakers and anyone working with kids in ministry

Date of next workshop: 4-5 May 2013

Cost: R1250 per couple or R750 per single person (includes 2 day workshop, manual and meals)

Venue: 381 Ontdekkers Rd, Florida


 To book your seat, contact or phone/sms me on 0824538132

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