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Has your partner asked you to come to Imago therapy sessions with them?
Everything’s fine – if my partner just stopped carping, we’d get along great!

Even if you’re prepared to acknowledge that things aren’t exactly a bed of roses right now, you may well think it will probably all blow over. Or it’s tempting to think your partner is overly invested in unrealistic romantic fantasies that are spread around by TV and movies.

When he or she talks about how your relationship is falling short of the mark, it probably just feels like criticism. You may believe it’s your partner’s standards that need to change – not yours. You never promised to be perfect. With kids to raise, bills to pay, work and family to worry about, it’s hardly surprising things aren’t as romantic as they were when you first met. Your partner is reaching for the moon!
The Imago relationships therapy  approach believes that partners actively choose each other in order to work together through an initial Romantic phase, then a Power Struggle, and finally a long-lasting era of True Love that will sustain and delight them both for the rest of their lives. It is not some foolish dream, but a very powerful reality played out every day in millions of relationship across the world. If you could give that to your partner, and have it for yourself, why wouldn’t you do a little bit of work now to make it happen?

I know all about couple’s therapy.

My partner and the therapist are going to gang up and tell me it’s all my fault!

Many of us have tried couple’s therapy, or know friends who have, and had bad experiences. Unfortunately, in many forms of couple’s therapy, the therapist ends up being cast in the role of a referee deciding who’s “right” and who’s “wrong”.
Imago, by contrast, is completely focused on turning you and your partner towards each other to improve your communication. Couples who use the simple Imago dialogue tools find themselves listening and being heard with a depth they’ve never experienced before. The therapist is there as a guide, to hold the space in which real – and really useful – communication can take place. Imago believes all that you need to reach a vibrant, loving intimacy is already there. It’s a question of using the right tools to truly step into your partner’s reality, and invite them into yours, safe in the knowledge that you are seen, heard, loved and valued.

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