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10 Reasons why you need Imago Couples Therapy


  1. Imago relationship therapy will be valuable for couples in any stage of their relationship. New couples can use Imago Relationships therapy to create a strong foundation for their future together. Couples experiencing extreme difficulties will be able to rely on Imago Therapy to restore their relationship. Couples who have a strong relationship will be able to build a depth of connection to make their relationship even more resilient and fulfilling.
  2. Imago Relationships Therapists have undergone extensive training and are well equipped to assist couples in the process of strengthening their relationship
  3. Imago Relationships Therapy is a well-researched therapy process that is practiced worldwide. It has been developed for over 20 years by the top relationships therapists in the world.
  4. It is different from most therapies because it involves the therapist teaching and coaching couples in specific tools to help them transform their relationship. Instead of each partner talking with the therapist, partners will be talking to each other in a safe and more structured way that is not blaming or shaming, and that helps each partner to feel understand.
  5. The therapist is not the keeper of the tools or wisdom in Imago Relationship Therapy. Her or his job is to help partners find out how to discover the deeper issues and to walk away with information, tools, and a map to continue the work of creating the marriage or relationship they want.
  6. Both partners will learn how to use information about themselves and their partner to take specific steps to change their behavior in a way that will foster healing, growth and the fulfilment of needs. It will also enable each partner to express their own aliveness more fully.
  7. It will give you ways to bring more romance, fun and pleasure into your partnership.
  8. Your age, sexual orientation, race, and religious beliefs don’t matter — all are compatible with Imago therapy.
  9. You and your partner will learn how to break patterns of habitual conflict using the Imago dialogue
  10. Imago Therapy will teach you how to resolve conflict turning disagreements and arguments into opportunities for deeper mutual understanding and intimacy.


Who should try Imago Relationships Therapy?

You and your partner are ideal Imago clients if you are both committed to your relationship, want to enhance it, and if both parties are willing to take responsibility for their own growth and happiness.

Imago Relationships Therapy can be valuable for any relationship, no matter where you find yourself:

  • If you are thinking of separating from your partner, you can benefit greatly from Imago therapy. The safety of Imago sessions provide you with a space in which you can explore underlying truths and consider alternatives in a compassionate way.
  •  Do you have a brilliant relationship? That’s great, but could you use some insurance? Imago can help you to build a deep and profound relationship that will make your relationship even more resilient and fulfilling.
  •  Are you still in the early phases of your relationship? Or considering getting married? Imago relationships therapy will help you to understand the dynamics within your relationship. It will help you equip you to work through challenging times in future and will teach you important skills and techniques to enable better communication and connection between going forward.

Imago is also remarkably effective in the context of other relationships, for instance parents and children, siblings… between any two people who value open communication.

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